Link Love 2015.04

Here’s some of my favourite articles, web sites and inspiring goodies from April 2015. “Work your ass off and don’t be an asshole.” Inspiring words and interesting comparisons from well-known graphic designers are presented in a quirky, Swiss-style infographics in this article, ‘I Used to Be a Design Student.’ An oldie but a goodie, ‘The 7 Design Sins […]

Portfolio Spotlight: KidSport Richmond Fundraising Dinner

I recently was given the opportunity to create the artwork for the premier fundraising event for a local charity. KidSport Richmond serves the community of Richmond, British Columbia, and is a chapter of KidSport, a nation-wide non-profit organization with one simple goal: every kid should be able to play sports. KidSport Richmond’s fundraising dinner is […]

Design Spotlight: myVEGAS

myVEGAS, an online gaming platform by PLAYSTUDIOS, offers a unique system: a Facebook game and two mobile apps for online table games and slots, with the cash-out option being real-world comps though M life, Sugar Factory, Wolfgang Puck, and a number of other partners. (See my previous post on myVEGAS and other Las Vegas loyalty programs here.) The […]

Instagram Step-by-Step: Working with Filters

Instagram filters can be the bane of a photographer’s existence, but sometimes, it can just be fun to experiment with filters to get the end result. Today, I’m going to show an experiment I tried with layering filters. I’ve used two iPhone applications to create the image: the social networking app Instagram and photo editing app InstaCollage Pro […]

Design Inspiration: Disney’s Maleficent (2014)

Who can say no to the bold choice of colors, consistent make-up artistry, and intense visual effects? It’s worth watching if only to pay attention to the visual cues! Disney’s Maleficent is a perfect choice for drawing some inspiration for color patterns. And don’t forget the use of negative space! Images copyright Disney.

Design Spotlight: Booty Parlor

There are few brands out there that I truly love. The product needs to be of high quality and value, the brand’s reputation must be respectable, and the packaging has to be tasteful and really leave you feeling, simply put, “wowed”. One of these brands for me is Booty Parlor. Booty Parlor is an American […]

Who Are You Blogging for?

When it comes to starting a blog for your company, it’s important to find out why you’re starting a blog. What are your goals? Who do you want to read the blog? What do you hope to achieve through the addition of a blog. There’s a number of reasons to start blogging. The first is […]

Las Vegas Loyalty Programs for Digital Brand Management

Offering free things, be it toppings or a pizza that’s delivered to your house or free sample of conditioner when you buy a giant bottle of shampoo, have been a part of business for decades. Wall Drug, in Wall, SD, has been giving customers free ice water since the turn of the century. These perks […]

Link Love 2014.04

Here’s some of my favourite resources from April 2014. Ampersand used to be a letter in the alphabet. Read about its development in language in this great article from JC Debroize, a creative director for Kerozen, creates an all-too-human typeface as a brand promotion piece. I’m not sure if it’s just plain creepy, or absolutely […]

Kickstarter Spotlight: It’s All in the Cards

Every product has been patiently thought out, planned, designed, marketed, and sold. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the beauty of everyday objects. Today’s spotlight is playing cards. Playing cards, on their own, are a great way to pass the time, especially when you’re in an ‘unplugged’ situation (up the lake, on the beach, camping, etc.) […]