Instagram Step-by-Step: Working with Filters

Instagram filters can be the bane of a photographer’s existence, but sometimes, it can just be fun to experiment with filters to get the end result. Today, I’m going to show an experiment I tried with layering filters. I’ve used two iPhone applications to create the image: the social networking app Instagram and photo editing app InstaCollage Pro […]

Las Vegas Loyalty Programs for Digital Brand Management

Offering free things, be it toppings or a pizza that’s delivered to your house or free sample of conditioner when you buy a giant bottle of shampoo, have been a part of business for decades. Wall Drug, in Wall, SD, has been giving customers free ice water since the turn of the century. These perks […]

Twitter Spotlight: Tweets & RT’s of 2011

After rejoining Twitter earlier this year, it’s quickly become one my favourite social networking web site for keeping up to date with my trade, industries I’m passionate about, industry professionals, and of course, some great celebrities. Here are some great resources, tweets and retweets from my Twitter feed during 2011: @edencarlsen Why marketing yourself or […]