This weekend, my mom came down for a visit from the Sunshine Coast. Apart from the regular shopping and Starbucks trips, we had to go to BC Lotto Corp. (BCLC) to cash a winning ticket. The trip was nothing like what I expected.

I was expecting the office where you are cashing a winning lottery ticket to be more like going to a court house or in to city hall. Nothing exciting, just your basic office building, probably with a purple and turquoise colour scheme that would make you feel at home in the ’90s, so of course, I didn’t come prepared with anything more than my iPhone 4. I couldn’t be more wrong.


The start of the experience

BC Lotto’s office for winning tickets is located on Virtual Way in Vancouver, BC. Virtual Way features beautiful new buildings and red brick roads. Each BC Lotto parking spot is marked with a cute sign that says ‘Winners’ Parking’. It’s welcoming and inviting, and definitely make the patrons feel special. Walking in to the building, you’re greeted by a bold ‘BCLC’ sculpture.

BCLC Sculpture (Front)

The BCLC sculpture greeting their ‘winners’

BCLC Scupture (Back)

The reverse of the sculpture, showing the ‘up’ lighting.

The lobby

What surprised me most was the lobby of the BCLC. Huge ceilings with floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow for lots of natural light. Paint colors of in beautiful cremes, and concrete grays are both modern and luxurious. The furniture is dark gray and is punctuated with punchy red, vibrant orange and lime green. The lobby is also functional, operating as a location for marketing and promotions; sculptures and marketing materials for each of their major lottery ventures enable the winner (or the corporation) to take photos for press releases or for sharing on Facebook.

BCLC Reception

The reception desk at the BCLC prize claim office


BCLC Lobby

Bright orange and green furniture compliments the gray and monochrome, while a large TV screen allows for versatile marketing campaigns in-office.


BCLC $35 Million Jackpot

BCLC's Jackpot 6/49


BCLC’s LottoMAX promotional area is a bit different and features a skyscraper tower, along with Helvetica lettering promoting the $10 million jackpot.

My favourite part of the BCLC’s lobby is the entrance to the actual prize claim office (and said office). Floor-to-ceiling glass is punctuated with an almost wood-type treatment of large, white jargon in varying weights and sizes of, of course, Helvetica.’Winners’, ‘Retire’, ‘Relax,’ and ‘Cheer’ are just a few of the words that jump out, adding to the excitement and the luxury of the room.

BCLC's Lobby

The large glass entrance creates a focal point while also operating as a map for ‘winners’ looking to claim their prize.

BCLC Prize Claim Office

 The actual prize office itself features a large flat screen TV, more brightly coloured furniture, a textured lighted ceiling, and cheerful staff.


The unexpected luxury of the BC Lotto Corp.’s prize claim office leaves you eager and makes you feel special in your arrival. Overall, the lobby and office conveys luxury and excitement, which is perfect since the people who enter this office are cashing prizes of over $200. Multipurpose furniture works for their clients, their own promotions and marketing campaigns, and focus points in the interior design. In exiting the building, a sense of luxury overcomes their clients, as if they could live in such accommodations due to their winnings. It almost makes you forget how many forms you had to fill out to get your winnings.

Well-executed interior design with a large dash of marketing functionality. Who doesn’t love that?

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  1. Hey Eden,
    I hope your mom won big enough to retire and go on exotic trips whenever she wants!
    We hope to get a chance to see you when you’re home this Christmas.

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