There are few brands out there that I truly love. The product needs to be of high quality and value, the brand’s reputation must be respectable, and the packaging has to be tasteful and really leave you feeling, simply put, “wowed”. One of these brands for me is Booty Parlor.

Booty Parlor is an American manufacturer and home party company of intimate products and cosmetics. They’re an unusual company in the sense that the straddle the categories of ‘adult’ and ‘beauty’, manufacturing and retail entertainment. But their execution is flawless.

Featured Packaging: Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret

Started by a married couple back in 2004, Booty Parlor has a presence as a room service item at 5 star hotels, a string of home party representatives across the United States, and products in boutiques around the globe, including Victoria’s Secret. Their concept is a simple one that pretty much every woman can get behind: The sexiest thing about a woman is confidence. Based on that, their product range is designed to help a woman feel more confident, be it with cosmetics, lingerie, or intimacy products.

Their cosmetics have been formulated by some of the chemists who previously worked for Smashbox cosmetics, using only the highest quality ingredients while avoiding common allergens. Their intimacy products, including an edible chocolate fondue, are made with premium chocolate mixed with purified water – no syrups here! And their more ‘naughty’ products are vegan-friendly.

But the crowning jewel for me, of course, is the visual branding.

Featured Packaging: Booty Parlor Dust Up

Booty Parlor’s packaging is simple but exceptionally executed. The above product, their Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer is an excellent example of the power of simple yet luxurious. The box on its whole, maybe at most 3 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches,  echoes naughty lingerie and sheer girliness, to say nothing about the product inside. A dusty pink powderpuff accented with a black bow gives this cosmetic the option of literally being ‘dusted up’ out of its pearly round pink container.

Featured Packaging: Booty Parlor Dust Up


The double tuck boxes are a simple duotone with a pink varnish, but it’s the execution that makes it so incredibly lovely. The varnish is a cute little fishnet pattern, while the box features top and bottom pink edges framed with a black lace pattern. And a simple die cut in the shape of a circle, trimmed in the same lace patterning, lets the pink pearl encasing shine from within the packaging.

Featured Packaging: Booty Parlor Melt

Each product is named with a cute little name, be it ‘Melt,’ ‘Kissaholic’, or ‘Dust Up.’ The names are all based on founder  Dana B. Myers’ personal handwriting, bringing the brand’s origins back to its origins. Accents that could be found on a lingerie garment finish a product that normally one would not think about giving a second thought to!

This brand has been featured everywhere, from Glamour to Life & Style to Daily Candy. A favourite of everyone from A list celebrities to housewives to this designer, Booty Parlor knows how to do it, and do it right.

You can order their products online at Be warned — some parts of their site are NSFW!

Images copyright Booty Parlor

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